Designer, Artist – Video games and cartoon
intellectual property

  • Production roles on six shipped titles as designer,
    artist, and/or producer and support roles on four
    shipped titles.
  • Traditional illustration skills with emphasis on
    character design and map layouts.
  • 3D art skills with emphasis in polygonal (Maya) and
    CSG modeling of backgrounds and level assets,
    texture design, and shaders.
  • Professional experience in level design, layout, and
    creation including path editing, triggers, and entity
  • Professional experience writing game design
    documents, story, and dialogue.


Sony Computer Entertainment of America
  • QA and Online Support (contract through Nelson
    Staffing) 5/2005-9/2005
  • Moderator and support duties for all first-party online

Sony Online Entertainment
  • Product testing analyst (contract through Mentor 4,
    Inc.) 12/2004 –2/2005
  • Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade  – Sony
    PSP (shipped 2005)

Midway Home Entertainment

      Mortal Kombat: Deception  – Sony Playstation 2
      (shipped 2004)
  • Product testing analyst (contract through
    Appleone, Inc.) 6/2004 – 11/2004

Dragonstone Software
Lead Designer / Lead Level Artist 5/99 – 3/2001

      Dragon’s Lair 3D – PC and XBOX (shipped 2002)
  • Wrote game cinemas and created concept art   
    for new game characters.
  • Initially worked to create the original design
    document and lead design meetings.  Later
    functioned as lead level designer training junior
    level designers.
  • Blocked out world space in Tread 3D (CSG)
    and divided by section for assignment to
    individual designers.
  • Created final geometry and lighting for
    individual rooms/ areas including, but not
    limited to: Castle entrance, Main Hall, Hall of
    Skulls, and Singe’s Lair.
  • Modeled various prefabs and elements.
  • Designed and applied textures.
  • Managed the tracking of all level assets in
  • Offered assistance and suggestions in the
    development of Tread 3D which were

Player 1, Inc.
Associate Producer/ Designer 11/97 – 8/98

      Tommy Thunder – Sony Playstation (1998)
  • Managed scope reduction and redesign of
    Tommy Thunder, an original in-house design.
  • Designed level maps and game flow.
  • Acted as liaison between management and
    creative team of designers, artists, and

Visual Concepts
Quality Assurance (Contract) 9/1997 – 11/97

      ONE – Sony Playstation (shipped 1997)
  • Laid out enemy paths and cameras.
  • Worked with artists to balance difficulty and flow
    of the game.
  • Managed internal and external QA efforts and
    managed prioritization of bugs.

Disney Interactive
Associate Producer/ Designer 9/96 – 4/97

      Hercules On-line Adventure – Sony Playstation (1997)
  • Managed internal design efforts and trained
    junior designers on Hercules On-line
    Adventure, a proposed project for PC platform.
  • Managed external developer and researched
    technical considerations.
  • Designed charts for character abilities, attacks,
    and special moves.

  • Assisted in story creation and writing game
    design documents.
  • Acted as associate designer.

Interplay Productions
Associate Producer/ Designer 12/94 – 3/96

      Casper – 3DO, Sony Playstation, and Sega Saturn        
      (shipped 1996)
  • Producer on project developed in Norway.
  • Managed procurement of audio assets, dev
    kits, licenses, and milestone schedules.
  • Spent three weeks on-site overseas to act as
    liaison between publisher and developer.
  • Worked with legal department to secure
    contracts with licensees.
  • Ran the 3DO development kit internally at
    Interplay for all code updates.

      Earthworm Jim: Special Edition – Sega CD
      Producer for Interplay
  • Managed coordination of development with
    internal marketing and QA.
  • Game received Editor’s Choice Gold Award in
    the industry publication EGM.

      Boogerman  - SNES (shipped 1995)
  • Managed internal QA efforts for port over to

Sunsoft of America
Associate Producer/ Designer 3/93 – 8/94

      Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel – Nintendo SNES and
      Sega Genesis (shipped 1994)
  • Creator and Main Character designer.
  • Designed main player mechanics, enemies,
    and general game flow.
  • Wrote story, dialogue and storyboarded
  • Zero was featured in Disney Adventures
    magazine as one of the magazine’s favorite
    video game villains.
  • Game received Editor’s Choice Gold Award in
    the industry publication EGM.

      Aero the Acrobat 2 – Nintendo SNES and
      Sega Genesis (shipped 1994)
  • Created character designs for enemies and
    circus train.
  • Associate producer on the title.

      Aero the Acrobat – Nintendo SNES and Sega Genesis
      (shipped 1993)
  • Co-creator of the intellectual property.
  • Designed the original and establishing looks for
    title character and his arch nemesis.
  • Designed the E3 promotional pin.


Writing/ Design
  • All story and game elements.  Design documents,
    level layouts.
  • Traditional character design.
3D Modeling        
  • CSG game editors and Maya.
  • Using Photoshop.
Shader networks        
  • Using Maya.

1993 – 1995        California State University, Long Beach
                              Film Studies
1991 – 1993        California State University, Northridge
                              Graphic Design


Platform, Stealth Action, and Extreme sport console games.
RTS and FPS computer games.        
Any games that are balanced and fun regardless of genre.
Magic: The Gathering
Comic book illustration.  (Original IPs currently in